Combining our state-of-the-art Clinical Trial In a Plate™ technology with innovative diagnostic/prognostic and discovery strategies, Ixchel Scientific is developing comprehensive personalized interventions to combat cancer.

Patient-Derived 3-D Culture™       (PD-3D™) platform incorporates both cellular and extracellular elements of tissue microenvironment recapitulating the major steps of tumor development under physiological conditions.

Through collaborative efforts, our industrial, academic, and government partners have access to a variety of discovery and preclinical services to assist in drug development efforts.

We are developing in vitro diagnostics based on our proprietary PD-3D™ technology to enable personalization of treatment regimens based on the physiology of individual tumor. 

As a discovery platformPD-3D™ has the capacity to identify new and unique molecular targets that retain fidelity during cancer progression from localized to metastatic disease.